Taxpayers will see a combined 25 cent decrease in their property taxes in the upcoming 2007/2008 Pinal County budget.

This is the second straight year the property tax rate has been reduced. The primary property tax rate is the lowest it has been since 1982.

The Board of Supervisors’ strategic planning for the budget focuses on customer service, ensuring safe communities, protecting public health, offering cost effective services, guaranteeing financial stability, providing a quality workforce for the public, dedication to land use planning and a concentration on regional leadership.

The budget reflects these guidelines by including an increase in staffing for the Sheriff’s Office and Superior Court personnel, funding such services as a Comprehensive Plan update and transportation issues. Pinal County will spend 45 percent of its general fund on public safety and the courts.

The tentative budget amount adopted by the Board of Supervisors at their June 27 meeting was $498,423,255.

The county has made substantial progress in many areas of the Supervisors’ 2007 priorities, which included public safety and transportation.

Residents witnessed the establishment of a new Region Four with 37 new deputies for the Sheriff’s Office and construction of a new San Tan substation along with the opening of the new Juvenile Detention Facility.

In terms of transportation, the past year has seen the county implement impact fees, installation of a traffic signal at Eleven Mile Corner and State Route 287 and the finalizing of a countywide transportation plan.

Supervisors will finalize the 2007/2008 budget at their August 1st regularly scheduled meeting.


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