In advance of its official launch scheduled for next week,, has announced that it is offering FREE advertising for a limited time. The grand “launch” special provides free banner advertisements until June with any advertising investment. The result is savings of more than 75% off already reduced introductory pricing.

The myriad of advertising opportunities include premium and featured business and real estate listings, couponing, banner ads and sectional sponsorships. One can target current and prospective residents of the exploding City of Maricopa via for as little as $50 per month (click here for detailed market and rate information).

“For those looking to brand their company and/or sell products or services to anyone in or interested in Maricopa, there is absolutely no more cost-effective way of doing so than through,” according to’s Scott Bartle. “The Internet has an indefinite shelf-life, is never thrown away and one’s message can be seen 24 hours a day, seven days a week – by an attractive demographic.” Plus, advertisements, coupons, logos, etc. can be changed and updated on a daily basis, if required.

Further emphasizing the effectiveness of Internet advertising is one simple statistic: More than 78% of adult users search the Internet for products and services information prior to making a purchase! ¹

For additional information on growing your business in partnership with, visit the Advertising Section and contact Scott Bartle at (520) 568-0040 or (480) 467-0300.

In addition to the aforementioned opportunities to maximize sales and grow name and brand recognition, Business Listings, Real Estate Listings and Classifieds are ALWAYS FREE on

¹ “A Nation Online: How Americans Are Expanding Their Use of the Internet” U.S. Government 2002.


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