Santa Rosa's box top program features great incentives

By Joyce Hollis

August 29, 2005 - 12:00 am

Santa Rosa Elementary School is excited to announce the start of this year's fall Box Top Program. The program is designed to encourage students, their parents and teachers to get involved by bringing in as many box tops as they can.

Last year about $500 was raised for the school. "We want to triple that this year," said Amy Jamieson, the school's parent coordinator. "The first collection date is Wednesday, October 5, and flyers will be going out to students soon."


According to Jamieson, each box top is worth 10 cents to the school. "It doesn't seem to add up to much at first, but it quickly makes a difference."


Clipping box tops and taking them to Santa Rosa is one method of earning cash for the school. Joining the Box Tops Booster Club, which features 20 online stores like Target, the Gap, Land's End, Staples and Barnes & Noble, to name a few, is another way to help raise funds. Using a Box Tops for Education Visa card earns the school 1% of your purchases.

For more information, go to Jamieson explained, "This site has information particular to Santa Rosa, translations in Spanish, listings of products that have the box tops and online coupons."

Rick Abel, principal of Santa Rosa, indicated, "The Box Tops money will be used for recognition of student and staff achievements and to support projects or needs identified by parents, students and staff."

Jamieson hopes some of the money will fund classroom supplies for teachers. "Teachers never have enough supplies and are usually using their paychecks to set up their classrooms and to maintain them."

This year's contest has some great incentives. The classroom that brings in the most box tops will win a Popsicle party for that room's students.

In addition, Orbitel Communications is providing a weekend getaway for two at The Pointe South Mountain Resort for the teacher whose class brings in the most box tops.


Vice President Rick Anderson explained, "Orbitel would like to express their thanks to teachers for their efforts in raising funds for Santa Rosa Elementary School. This is our way of saying thanks."

Collect those box tops and bring them to Santa Rosa Elementary! You do not have to have a student enrolled at the school to participate.


Sponsorships for a class reward and / or a teacher incentive are still available for the spring 2006 box top collection. For further information about sponsorships or the box top program, contact parent coordinator Amy Jamieson at (520) 568-9899 or (602) 358-4290 (cell).



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