InMaricopa's user verification system is easy, safe and important

By Staff

January 13, 2012 - 5:23 pm takes its responsibility as the leading local news and information source seriously.

We believe civil discourse and accountability take precedent over giving people not willing to stand by their beliefs access to our audience through the comment section at the end of articles.

We ask that you back up your opinion with your own credibility by verifying who you are. One way to do that is through Electronic Verifications Systems, a third-party fact checker used by Fortune 500 companies in industries such as banking, corporate security and gaming.

How it’s done:

Go to, log in or register, click the “my settings” link. Underneath “profile settings” you’ll see “verify my account.” You’ll be asked to answer a few questions so Electronic Verifications Systems can cross-reference trustworthy sources with the data you provide and ask additional questions to confirm identity.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is InMaricopa doing with the information?

Outside of your first name, last name, date of birth and email address, InMaricopa never sees the data you provide for the verification process. The data is not retained; we simply see a history of the transaction, and whether the information you provided was accurate and your identity confirmed.

2. Why is the verification required to post on

Verification is required to ensure accountability of the article comments’ authors.

3. Can I be verified without giving my social security number?

Readers can verify their identity automatically using the online Electronic Verification Systems process. Or, you are welcome to visit our office and show us your photo ID to gain posting access.

4. Is InMaricopa trying to eliminate negative comments?

InMaricopa respects everyone’s opinions and their First Amendment right to express them. If a reader would like to post a negative comment -- and it is within the guidelines of the site’s terms of use (i.e. it is not a personal attack, libelous, etc.) -- they are welcome to do so, just as they have been welcome to do so in years past. The difference now is comments will be attributed to their author.

5. Will this put me at risk to be a victim of identity theft?

The information is not being collected or retained by InMaricopa or Electronic Verification Systems. The authentication process is a secure, encrypted transaction.

6. Will people be able to search for my name and find my comments?

Hovering over a username displays the first and last name of verified users. First and last names will not be found by search engines and, as such, are not searchable. This feature is not retroactive; even following verification your name will never appear with posts made prior to Jan. 10, 2012.

7. What about my username?

Readers who post on article comments can still choose any username they’d like to be displayed with their posts and can change their username at any time.

8. No other news/forum websites require verification like this. Why does InMaricopa?

The World Wide Web has countless vehicles through which people can complain, condemn or campaign anonymously; is just not one of them.

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Editor’s note: Since this “How To” article was written, there’s one change to the verification process. Now readers need to provide only the last four digits of their Social Security number.



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