Pinal County on look out for jurors

Submitted by Pinal County Superior Court Clerk

February 24, 2012 - 3:42 pm

Beginning Monday, almost 20,000 questionnaires will be on their way to Pinal County residents. The questionnaires determine if a person is qualified and “fit” for jury duty.

Jury Commissioner and Clerk of the Superior Court Chad A. Roche is responsible for providing a viable jury pool of qualified jurors to meet the needs of the Superior Court, Pinal County grand jury, state grand jury, justice courts, and the magistrate courts.

People receiving the questionnaires are asked to respond quickly and accurately. The form must be returned to the clerk of the Superior Court’s office within 10 days of receipt. Failure to respond is punishable by law.

There are two ways for Pinal County residents to reply to the jury questionnaire.

The first is to log onto The system will prompt the prospective juror to log in, using his or her unique juror log-in number located just beneath the barcode on the questionnaire.

Respondents can also mail the form back.

“If you are seeking an excuse from jury service, however, you must fill out the physical form,” said Associate Jury Commissioner Norma Cruz.

“Going online is faster and online submission ensures that the information is received instantly. It saves the county from paying postage, and can be processed within 24 business hours,” she said.

Members of the public who don’t have access to a computer at home can respond to the questionnaire at any public computer in a local library.

Twice a year, the clerk of the Superior Court mails out questionnaires to 15,000-20,000 residents of Pinal County. The names of prospective jurors are gathered from Arizona Motor Vehicle Division records, as well as voter records. More information on jury service, or assistance in filling out the online version, is available by calling 520-866-5311.



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