Kacie: Don't fear the lovely ladies

By Kacie Schrader

October 3, 2012 - 9:05 am
Kacie Schrader

When the movie “The Avengers” came out my husband said Scarlet Johansen’s (insert curse word for rear end) looked amazing in 3D. You know, I’d have to agree with him.


That’s right, let’s face it she looked amazing in that leather outfit. Hey, somebody’s got to wear it because I certainly cannot. It would be one “cold day” before I looked even half as good as she did in that film. Listen up wives and girlfriends, if you can’t admit to that but more importantly observe the beauty and downright sexiness of other women with your special guy you need to chill out.

My lady friends have said they don’t understand why I’m so “cool” about my husband openly checking out other women whether it be the movie stars or that attractive girl sitting in the booth next to us at a restaurant. What is not to understand?

Ladies, of the billions of people on this planet, your husband is going to think other women are attractive. If that bothers you then you have other issues going on needing to be addressed.

Maybe you don’t trust your man? Maybe you’ve got self-esteem issues you need to work out? 

Be real. You know there’re other men you drool over. Chris Hemsworth anyone? That accent and hair; he’s the god of thunder for heaven’s sake. I wouldn’t mind a storm in my house if you know what I mean. 

This is the point. You can’t honestly say your husband is the only person you find attractive so stop getting offended if your husband checks out someone else. 

It comes down to trust.

You’ve got to trust that even though he comments on other attractive women you are still at the top of his list. Plus, have some fun with this. You might find out things about your man you didn’t know. 

Maybe that girl you thought he liked he really doesn’t. I found out my husband hates those Ugg boots. Guess I’m not getting a pair of those. And, he digs the summer dresses. Guess I’ll add a few more to my closet.

Men dig those girls they can be themselves around. Be confident in yourself and your relationship, you’ll both be better for it.   




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