Mommy Blogger: Sometimes your husband is right

By Kacie Schrader

October 19, 2012 - 7:00 am
Kacie Schrader

Adam I know you will love this one . . .

Ladies, let’s face it. Sometimes your husband is right.

Suck it up and learn to admit you were wrong. Then apologize for it.

Now ladies, I’m not a saint. I am like you in that I hate being wrong and I will sometimes go out of my way to make my husband the bad guy. So, let’s help each other out in this shall we? 

It’s like salt on an open wound. You’re angry because he just called you out. The worst part, he’s right. In the heat of it, take a moment to think about what you’re going to say next. 

First, it’s OK to stay silent for a moment. Shooting out the first words that come to you are probably going to make it worse. Secondly, don’t indulge in the past. Sure, there are going to be times when you were right and he was wrong. Don’t re-live those moments; you’d be opening up a can of worms. That moment has passed and you need to concentrate on this single moment. 

Thirdly, when you are ready, tell him he’s right and apologize. Admitting your fault and acknowledging you were wrong goes a long way toward keeping a healthy relationship. 

Remember, you married him because you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him. You can’t expect to stay happily married if you can’t swallow your pride and look at things logically. 

Finally, have a give-and-take conversation about where to go from here and how to make this better. This is a conversation, not a heated exchange of words. If you’re still angry, wait on having this conversation. 

It’s OK to tell him you need a moment to calm down and you’ll get back to him. 

Take a breather and before thinking about your reasons, think about his. Be honest with yourself. I find most of my feelings are because I am just not honest with myself. I’ve been married long enough for my husband to know me better than myself. 

Finally, it is OK to “go to bed angry.”

Be sure you acknowledge to him you want to talk about it but right now you’re still angry and tired. Trust me, after you’ve had some sleep you will feel much better and even less angry. Being honest with yourself and having a conversation with your husband will go a long way. You’ve got many happy years in front of you so let’s get over this moment and look forward to them. 

Kacie Schrader is married to Adam and mother to “a crazy 6-year-old named Austin and our little chunky Kaleb, whom is not quite 2.” She works full time at University of Phoenix and is working on a master’s degree in counseling. The family lives in Rancho El Dorado. Read Kacie’s periodic reflections on life at




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