InMaricopa reader: A poem for Sandy Hook

By Patty Rulli

December 31, 2012 - 2:03 pm
Luke is Patty Rulli's service dog. Submitted

It’s December a cool wind in the air
Early morning frost covers the grass
It’s December with Christmas on our minds
Shopping, presents, excited Children
As they tell Santa what they want.

It’s December and we are met with a
Time of sadness
For families that lost the ones they love
Presents unopened for the children now with God
Age did not matter as young and old
died on a dark December morning.

It’s December and for the families who lost
they question their faith
Why would God take their loved ones away?

It’s December and even though hard
we must remember
God gave his only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins
For Jesus lives and because of this those
That died on that dark December day
Will live forever in our hearts, our souls
and with the comfort of Jesus Christ.

Yes, It’s December and families will question
“What sins did the children have to die on the darkest
day in December?”
It’s December and we must remember that
God tried his best but many who have
Lost loved ones due to
violent crimes may never know the answer
until they one day meet God face to face.

It’s December and for the families that lost love ones
On December 14, 2012
Will forever be marked on their hearts.
It’s December and we must cherish the time we
Have with those we love as we
will never know how long we may have together.

It’s December and my heart and prayers go out to the
Families that lost loved ones on that dark December
morning and I ask God to help you believe in your
Faith to help you along the way so you can follow the
path God has placed before you.

It’s December, a month, a day that families who lost
loved ones will never forget but trust in your faith and
know that God is always with you




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