Reader Poll Results: What should be the speed limit on Honeycutt Road?
August 27, 2015
The City of Maricopa is mulling a lowering of the speed limit on Honeycutt Road 35 mph along the length of the road. The road alternates... Full Story
AZ teachers can rise above obstacles
August 7, 2015
Most teachers leave an impression on us in some form.


Even decades later they can be recalled with the affection, respect,... Full Story
Hiring veterans just good business sense
August 7, 2015
Within the last year military veteran unemployment rates have dropped but for the most part vets are having a harder time than... Full Story
Reader Poll Results: Does Honeycutt need a name change?
July 16, 2015
As Maricopa changes the names of some streets to prevent confusion with similarly named roads elsewhere, we asked readers if the two... Full Story
Davis: Evan Grace's sock drive helped military members
July 16, 2015
A single, kind thought can produce such a monumental outcome.

A fine example of this was brought to fruition by one of Maricopa's... Full Story
Gusse: Maricopans go extra mile for veteran in need
July 9, 2015
On a Friday morning at 0400 I received a text from community member Jim Shoaf regarding a female veteran in need. Apparently, she had... Full Story
County: Pat on the back for probation officers
July 6, 2015
During the week of July 12-18, people across the United States and Canada will join together to recognize the work that probation, parole... Full Story
Reader Poll Results: Do you agree with the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage?
July 6, 2015
Shortly after the first anniversary of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Arizona, the U.S. Supreme Court effectively made it the... Full Story
Voyles: We're preventing more crime than ever before
June 29, 2015
Dear Editor:Let me express my appreciation to our Pinal County law enforcement officers for their continued hard work to keep our Pinal... Full Story
Reader Poll results: Should college board be recalled?
June 26, 2015
Following on the heels of a tax rate hike for Pinal County, the Pinal County Community College District best known as Central Arizona... Full Story



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