Sequoia Pathway Academy is on track to get back to its normal activities by Oct. 12.

Students at Sequoia Pathway Academy who protested the departure of two administrators will be happy after fall break.

Though unable to speak about compensation or contracts, EdKey Inc. officials announced Nate Lamma and Diane Silvia will be back at school Oct. 12.

Board President Mary Gifford announced Lamma and Silvia “are going to serve on the leadership team at Sequoia Pathway Academy.”

EdKey Inc. operates Sequoia Schools.

Lamma had been serving as interim principal and Silvia as interim assistant principal. They suddenly resigned last Tuesday in a meeting with EdKey CEO Doug Pike. The move caused upset and outcry on campus.

Though EdKey Assistant Superintendent Tamara Becker earlier had announced she would serve as interim principal at the school while leadership issues were worked out, that will not be the case.

Becker and the management of the charter school are “working out the final details” with Lamma and Silvia, Gifford said.

The EdKey governing board is scheduled to meet Monday. The situation at Sequoia Pathway is up for discussion specifically but also as a guideline for future personnel policies and compensation plans.

EdKey manages more than 20 sites, and the chaos at Sequoia Pathway was attributed to growing pangs for the organization. Future discussions for the board will involve a possible restructuring to place administrative personnel between the principals and CEO.

For the moment, that is a role filled by Becker as Sequoia Schools tries to smooth troubled waters and bring two popular administrators back to campus in Maricopa.


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