Sunny and hot is the forecast for Maricopa's weekend, with some air pollution expected Friday. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

An air pollution warning is part of a hot and dry weekend forecast for Maricopa, according to the National Weather Service. A 40-percent chance of rain tonight with patchy blowing dust will settle into mostly sunny days.

Tonight, expect showers before midnight and strong breezes gusting up to 25 mph. The low will be around 85 degrees F.

Friday, there will be a 10-percent chance of showers before noon while a high pollution advisory is in place. Pinal County Department of Air Quality is expecting conditions to cause unhealthy ozone concentrations. The day is forecast to be mostly sunny with a high near 107. The overnight low will be around 83.

Saturday, the temperature may climb back to 110 for a sunny and hot day. The night will be mostly clearn with a low around 84.

Sunday looks to be sunny with a high near 109 and a nighttime low around 83.

That leads into a familiar week of triple-digit daytime temperatures and only slight possibilities for rain.


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