Realtors (from left) Chad Chadderton, Pat Lairson and Dayv Morgan

Do you discuss the cost of utilities in Maricopa with your clients during the home-search process?

Chad Chadderton, Ahwatukee Realty
This is a major concern of both commercial and residential customers. I explain that our infrastructure was built to accommodate 100,000 people, which was [the] projection by this time. The downturn in the market slowed down our growth, and we are supporting and supplementing the utilities until such time as population catches up.

Pat Lairson, Maricopa Real Estate Company
I always go over the utility bills with potential buyers. If we can get a history of utility bills from the seller we do. If not, some utility companies will give out the lowest and highest bill from the previous year and this is helpful. I explain that we have a private water company and even if you don’t turn your water on your bill will average $100 a month. I also make sure they are aware of what their HOA assessment is per month and what that covers. This is very important information for a prospective buyer to know as it could affect their monthly mortgage affordability.

Dayv Morgan, HomeSmart Success
I don’t discuss it very much, other than saying that the average water/sewer bill is in the low $100s. I find that electric bills vary widely from house to house based on a) which company built the home, b) the size, maintenance and SEER rating of the AC unit, and c) the temperature that you set your thermostat. Google the rates for SRP and APS. In summer they are actually higher than the per kwh rate of ED3.

This article appears in the April issue of InMaricopa.


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