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In January, protesters took to the streets in response to Donald Trump's "Muslim ban," which was struck down but may return in a different form. In Maricopa, it ignited a conversation between the police department and its advisory board.

Maricopa Police Chief Steve Stahl met with leaders of the community Feb. 15 to address concerns raised about President Trump’s recent travel ban and...

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Senior Darrell Handy-Johnson and the Maricopa Rams worked their way into the state tournament the hard way, by bumping off the 10th-ranked Deer Valley Skyhawks. File photo by Victor Moreno

The Maricopa High School boys basketball team defeated Deer Valley tonight, 65-61, in the 5A conference play-in. The upset victory of the No. 23 Rams...

Public Works Director Bill Fay had hoped to bring good news about the North Santa Cruz Wash to the city council on Tuesday, but new estimates from the Army Corps of Engineers could actually broaden the floodplain in Maricopa.

Maricopa City Council was presented with a less-than-favorable floodplain update, evidence of likely delayed development.“Right now, we are kind of sunk at this point."...