Arizona Commission on the Arts has awarded a repeat Community Investment Grant to Maricopa Arts Council (MAC), increasing the original grant amount to $3,500.

These awards are determined competitively on a state-wide basis. MAC’s leaders believe the award ratifies the organization’s vision. MAC’s co-directors are choreographer Ceylan Gentilella, painter Susan Cameron, actor David Vargas, fashion designer Angelina Martin and composer Judith Zaimont.

After the season-long All-Arts Expo of 2016-17, MAC decided to continue some of the events highlighted. Those include studio crawls, silent reading parties, art lectures, the Student Choreography Showcase and poetry slams.

In the long term, this increased second award from the state to MAC permanently expands Maricopa’s profile and ratifies the city’s cultural life as a key component of its character and distinct point of pride.

Recently, Commission Organizational Grants and Services Manager Kristen Pierce Kent informed MAC of the original review panels very positive comments, including the following:
• What they are doing is valuable, impactful.
• Very collaborative in their efforts.
• Could serve as a model for small communities.

MAC is also the only Pinal County organization to have been nominated for a Governor’s Arts Award. Founded in 2013, it is a nonprofit corporation.


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