Photo by Mason Callejas

After a wet week, skies are looking to remain partly cloudy over Maricopa this weekend, possibly producing a few more drops of rain into next week, according to The National Weather Service. With a small window opening to potentially sunny skies on Saturday and Sunday, a 10-20 percent chance of rain will likely be the norm this weekend while highs reach up into the low 70s and lows dip down into the mid and upper-40s.

Today looks to be cloudy and calm with a 50 percent chance of showers during the day with a high around 62, while at night temperatures will drop down near 46 as the chance of rain falls to around 20 percent.

Friday will likely be mostly cloudy and calm with a 10 percent chance of rain during the day while the high reaches up around 68 and the lows dip down near 47 at night.

Saturday should be partly cloudy and calm with a high around 72 during the day and a low near 48 at night.

Sunday looks to be mostly sunny, clear and calm with a high around 75 and low near 45.

Monday will likely be partly cloudy and breezy with 10 percent chance of rain with 10-25 mph winds gusting throughout the day while the reaches up around 70 and the low dips down near 45.   

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