Angelo and Anthony Abruzzese of Marciopa were arrested Monday on suspicion of aggravated assault stemming from a confrontation in a park on West Palo Nuez Street, police said.

About 5:45 p.m., officers from the Maricopa Police Department responded to a call of a man with a gun.

According to police, there was a confrontation between several youth when the 53-year-old father left the park and returned with two sons, including Anthony Abruzzese, 26, and a 16-year-old son.

Police reported the older Abruzzese approached subjects in the park and initiated a physical confrontation between his older son and one of the subjects who initially wanted to fight the younger son.

During the confrontation, the father attempted to intervene on his son’s behalf and when other subjects became involved he took out a handgun, pointed it and threatened to shoot.

When witnesses threatened to call the police, Abruzzese and his sons left.


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