Of 22 eateries inspected by the Pinal County Health Department Feb. 16-March 15, three were marked down, and two of those had serious problems.

KFC was cited for two violations regarding water temperature in the handwashing sink and equipment sanitation. Two out of the three available handwashing sinks were able to meet the standard of reaching 100 degrees F within the time allotted. The third sink, next to the fryer, reached only 76 degrees F.

KFC was also marked down for food debris buildup on counters and other surfaces used for food preparation. There was also noted debris on surfaces used for holding nonfood equipment.  Aside from debris, a “yellow substance” was found inside a table top cooler. The store received an “S” for satisfactory.

Maricopa Shell’s Dairy Queen received an “N” for needs improvement (one step from failure), cited for three violations regarding item storage, temperature control and food preparation. Multiple items had been found on the floor in the walk-in of the storage area rather than at least six inches off the floor – the required standard.

Another violation was cited when food kept at the prep table (lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced onions and condiments) was recorded at 47-52 degrees F. The safe cold-holding temperature is 41 degrees F or below.

The final violation cited for Dairy Queen was recorded when an employee was seen handling money without gloves on and handling raw, ground, frozen beef before reaching into a hamburger bun bag without washing their hands between tasks. Hands are required to be washed between all tasks when handling food.

Also scoring an “N” from the inspector was the McDonald’s inside Walmart. The site continued to have problems with water temperature, and the inspector also noted issues with debris, food sitting out too long and cross contamination.

One hand-washing sink continued a failure to reach 100 degrees. Visiting on March 13, the inspector gave management 10 days to correct the repeat violation. Another repeat offender was an ice-machine described as covered in calcium and rust buildup, and the inspector recommended having it replaced before the re-inspection. The restaurant was also marked down for having mustard, a rag and ice in two hand-wash sinks.

The inspector observed cracked egg shells in an egg carton next to raw eggs in a container next to fresh beef. Lettuce and chopped onions were left out more than an hour past the appropriate time of use. A bin attached to the grill was “filled with food debris spilling over out of catch bin onto sides of machine and neighboring refrigerator.”


Excellent [No violations found]
Arby’s Roast Beef Restaurant
Carl’s Jr.
Children’s Learning Adventure
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Firehouse Subs
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Honeycutt Coffee
Leading Edge Academy
Legacy Traditional School
Little Caesar’s Pizza
McDonald’s, 20700 N. John Wayne Parkway
Papa Murphy’s Pizza
Saddleback Elementary School
Sequoia Pathway Academy – K-6
Sequoia Pathway Academy – secondary
Starbuck’s Maricopa Station
Yogurt Jungle

Satisfactory [Violations corrected during inspection]

Needs Improvement [Critical items noted during inspection cannot be corrected immediately requiring follow-up inspection]
Maricopa Shell – Dairy Queen
McDonald’s – Walmart

Unacceptable [Gross, unsanitary conditions necessitating the discontinuation of service]


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