Students challenges staff in the Maricopa High School mud run during Homecoming Week. Photo by Adam Wolfe

The Maricopa High School staff challenged the student body in the Maricopa Mud Run course Thursday night.

The course was shorter than it will be for Saturday’s city-wide event, but that didn’t stop the competition from getting fierce.

The students outnumbered the staff by at least a dozen, but the larger number couldn’t stop cross country assistant coach Alec Fillmore from taking first overall. Fillmore was able to finish the two mile course in just over 22 minutes.

“I had some students call me out, so I had to come out and win,” Fillmore said.

The next few finishers would be students before a group of faculty members crossed together.

The top finishing students were awarded the inaugural “Mud King” and “Mud Queen” crowns, and each participant received a medal.



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