Central Arizona College is offering a new class entitled “Fundamentals of Book Publishing: From Manuscript to Market.”

The face-to-face class will be offered every Thursday evening throughout the spring semester from 6 to 8:45 p.m. in Room T212 at the Signal Peak Campus. There is no prerequisite for the course and students registering should reference CRN 22915 / ENG 198A2.

The course will be taught by Jay Fraser, an adjunct professor with Central Arizona College. Fraser has years of experience in the publishing field.

“This class can be of major benefit for those considering a career in creative writing, editing, or publishing, or for those wanting to broaden their understanding in these areas,” Fraser said.

The course will cover the process by which a manuscript becomes a book, how books are marketed, and the process of writing books in different genres. The manuscript itself and the writing process are a major aspect of the syllabus.

“The book publishing industry is complex and multi-faceted with unique attributes and characteristics,” Fraser said. “The course is designed to deliver a deep understanding of how books get selected for publication, the relationship between the author and publisher, the editing process, book design, manufacturer, publicity, marketing and distribution, the role of the Internet, and sales of rights.”

Contracts, litigation, copyright and self-publishing also are topics of importance that will be covered.

“The course will address the writing process, research, genre, and uniqueness of power within the manuscript itself,” Fraser said. “Why do authors write? Why do publishers choose one manuscript over another? What potential does a book have to shake the world, or at least the reading public? Can the author get into the news? These and other questions will be raised and discussed in class.”

Fraser, who holds a master’s of fine arts degree in creative writing from Arizona State University, has 20 years of experience as a book publisher. He has published 21 books in his career and will teach the course through numerous examples of fiction, non-fiction and history books on the American West, Cuba, Africa, Russia, and Native-American topics. With books in seven languages, he will also discuss foreign rights and the global market.

“Book publishing is a complex industry that is often misunderstood,” he said. “Everywhere I go, when I’m introduced as a book publisher, it seems that practically everyone I meet has either written a book or knows someone who has. Their questions are often overwhelming, yet usually pertinent.”

Fraser recognized the need and helped develop the course. “We are in the midst of an information revolution that has had a major impact on the industry. The subject of self-publishing and the Internet are important aspects of the course.”

For more information on the course, contact Fraser by e-mail at jay.fraser@centralaz.edu.


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