We stopped Maricopans to ask them their thoughts on how outdoor recreation might be improved. Here’s what they said:

Gordon Nanton
“I’d like more tennis tournaments and things. And around the [outdoor] track if they could get those pull-up bars so when you’re running you can stop and do pull-ups, that would be great. Because when I run I have to come inside just to do pull-ups.”

 Dan Thomas
“A permanent outdoor pickleball court… that [tennis] net you can’t lower it to 34 inches, you can’t make it a real pickleball court. But [otherwise], the skate park is good, and the dog parks are amazing, so.”

Kevin Behnke
“I’d like to see more parent involvement, with regards to sports, and not so many unsupervised kids. You don’t see any parents here [at Copper Sky], so I’d like to see something that keeps both the kids and the parents together and accountable.”

C.J. Rufo
“Outdoor basketball. I know they have one here, but something a little more cost-efficient and outdoors. I [also] have kids, and I know they have something [the M.O.R.E.E. program], but something here and cheaper, instead of costing $100-plus to go to Red Rock or something like that.”

Sara Allison
“It’s all pretty nice. There is a ton of stuff to do every weekend like the farmer’s market, all the special walks, the dog park, so yeah I like it.”


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