Maricopans were asked the tough question: What was your favorite gift every received during the holidays?

Marie Costner

Marie Costner:
“Being with my family; to me, that’s the best gift in the world. I don’t care about gifts, they don’t care about gifts, just being with family and having a nice dinner together; that’s our love.”

Mark Claus

Mark Claus:
“My wife bought me a telescope for Christmas. I’m a retired science teacher, so it was especially right.”

Tonna Coffey:

Tonna Coffey

“My stuffed horse named ‘Star.’ He’s been everywhere with me. My mom’s barrel horse was named Star and she was like our babysitter, so I relate her to my horse. She’s been to Vegas; I went to the National Finals Rodeo and I took her with me and she stayed with me in the hotel. She’s been to Illinois, Texas and New Mexico. She sleeps with me at night.”

Paul Gorney

Paul Gorney:
“Probably the greatest Christmas gift was the birth announcement of my first granddaughter in 2005. Her name is Cecelia Alicia.”

Aaron Hopewell:

Aaron Hopewell

“I’d have to say probably the set of Callaway golf clubs my wife got me last year for Christmas. I have got a lot of good use out of them, you can bet on that.”

— Michelle Chance and Joycelyn Cabrera

This item appears in the December issue of InMaricopa.


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