Cornfields catch some rays south of Maricopa. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Lots of sun and moderately warm temperatures are in Maricopa’s forecast this week, according to the National Weather Service. Winds are also expected to kick up midweek.

Today, the high temperature is expected to be around 94 degrees F with sunny skies and light breezes. The night is forecast to be clear with a low around 62.

Tuesday‘s outlook is similar, with sunny skies and high near 94 during the day and an overnight low of 64.

Wednesday heats up to 99 degrees and will be sunny again. The nighttime low is expected to be 64.

Thursday, breezes build to 10-15 mph in the afternoon with gusts as high as 25 mph. The day will be sunny with a high near 96. The nighttime low will be around 64 under clear skies as winds decrease.

Friday, expect sunny skies and a high near 95 as breezes continue to ebb. The overnight low will be around 63.

The weekend will see increasingly warm days as temperatures return to triple digits.


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