State Rep. Frank Pratt is home and recovering after a brutal attack Christmas Day, according to his wife Janice Pratt.

“He got out of the hospital yesterday and is in quite a bit of pain,” she said. “I am not letting him talk to anyone until he is better.”

According to Janice, 68-year-old Frank left the couple’s home around 2 p.m. on Christmas to check on their Casa Grande pool shop, Pratt Pools.

“He was supposed to go to the shop, water the plants and check the chemical levels on the indoor pool,” Janice said.

When the District 23 representative did not return home by 4 p.m. his wife became worried and called his cell phone. But she discovered his phone was at the house and not with him.

An hour later, she drove to the business in search of her husband, but did not see his car there. “I figured maybe he had broken down somewhere,” she said. “Frank is a very considerate man and would not just run off on Christmas.”

Janice gave up on the search, thinking Frank would return home, but when her husband was not home by 8 p.m. she decided to make another trip to the pool store.

This time, she noticed a gate was unlocked. When she went to the gate, she heard Frank call for help and discovered her husband inside, beaten and tied up.

Pratt was treated by Casa Grande paramedics and flown to St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. His injuries included a broken nose, split lip, two black eyes and facial bruises.

Janice said her husband told her the assailant was sleeping in the store when he walked in and that he thought the intruder was going to leave the business without an incident.

“He walked by Frank like he was going to leave, but for some reason attacked him,” she said. 

According to Janice the first punch knocked her husband unconscious, but the assailant continued to pummel the lawmaker, before tying him up and stealing Pratt’s gold 2007 GMC Yukon and Rolex Submariner watch.

Pratt is preparing to start his second term representing District 23. He told the Arizona Republic he expects to be at the Capitol for Gov. Jan Brewer’s inauguration Monday.

“I may not look too hot,” he said, “but I’ll be there.”

However, his wife said she has other plans if he isn’t healed by then. “It does no good for anyone to see Frank in this condition.”

“He needs to stay home and heal up before going out,” she said.

Police are trying to locate Pratt’s Yukon, Arizona license plate 815-KYJ, and the Rolex. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Casa Grande Police Department at 520-421-8700.


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