Getting to Know Allie Krigbaum

Allie Krigman

Allie Krigbaum is an elementary school teacher in Maricopa known for her creative style of engaging students.

Hometown: Orange County, California
Reside in: The Villages at Rancho El Dorado
Maricopan since: 2014
Occupation: Second grade teacher at Butterfield
Family: Husband and three sons, Cooper, Brady and Ryder
Pets: Nope!
Hobbies: Shopping and playing with my kids
Pet peeve: People who are late
Dream vacation: Anything tropical
Like most about Maricopa: The great people
Like least about Maricopa: That there is no Target πŸ™

Charity: Heartbeat International
Book: The Giving Tree
Song: Pour Some Sugar on Me
Team: Anything ASU or the Steelers
Food: Frozen yogurt
Drink: Diet Coke
Meal: Salad
Restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes
Getaway: Any time with my husband without the kids is a getaway so pretty much anywhere!
Website: Pinterest and Teacher Pay Teachers
Quote: β€œTo the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students you are a hero.”
Words to live by: Stand for what is right, even though it may mean standing alone.

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