David Durst

David Durst is a pilot who designs cockpit simulator panels while working in Support for a global communications company.

Hometown: Long Beach, California
Resides in: The Villages
Maricopan since: 2004
Occupation: Level 3 Support
Family: Lisa, 5 kids and 6 grand-kids!
Pets: Saratoga and Mr. TT
Hobbies: Computers, Flying SEL, MEL and Gliders, Flight Simulator
Dream vacation: Alaska and Caribbean, done!
Like most about Maricopa: Small close knit community
Like least about Maricopa: The 347

Favorite …
Movie: Tombstone
Musician: KISS
Food: Mexican or Sushi
Drink: Water, Gatorade, Coke
Getaway: Someplace quiet
Website: davidsfspanels.net

Anything else we should know? Born and raised in Long Beach, California and moved to Arizona in 1996. I have been to every state at least once and have lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for 2 years. I have been flying since 1988 and currently am working on my Glider add-on and just finished my sUAS remote pilot certificate add-on. I have been designing flight simulator cockpit panels since the ‘90s and have designed panels for several commercial software packages. I have worked in the telecommunications field since 1979 and currently work for a global communications company in their support group. We have lived in Maricopa since 2004 and have plans to retire here when the time comes.


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