Getting to know Guadalupe Arroyo

Lupe Arroyo

Lupe Arroyo has lived in Maricopa for almost a decade, and she can tell you a lot about frozen yogurt and tacos!

Hometown: Guanajuato, Mexico
Residence: Maricopa
Maricopan since: 2006
Occupation: Assistant Manager – Zoyo
Pets: Turtle
Cars: Honda Fit
Hobbies: Watch TV – Telenovelas
Pet peeve: When people drive on the fast lane and they are driving under the speed limit.
Dream vacation: Italy
Like most about Maricopa: Ultra Star & Zoyo
Like least about Maricopa: Traffic

Favorite …
Charity: FOR Maricopa INC
Movie: The Fast and the Furious
Actor: Jaime Camil
Song: Mi Razon De Ser
Musician: Eden Munoz
Team: Chivas
Athlete: James Rodriguez
Food: Tacos
Drink: Pink Lemonade
Meal: tacos de asada
Restaurant: King Taco
Getaway: Rocky Point
Website: Facebook
Quote: You Only Live Once
Words to live by: A Smile Makes A Difference
Joke: Knock Knock… We’re Closed

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