Tammie Crawford (and friend)

Tammie Crawford has started a nonprofit in hopes of creating an animal shelter in Maricopa.

Hometown: American Canyon, California
Residence: Rancho El Dorado
Maricopan since: 2014
Occupation: Pet resource specialist for Arizona Humane Society
Family: I live with my son, his wife, and my 2 grandchildren
Pets: We have a family cat. He was found under a vacant home. We nursed him to health and decided to keep him.
Cars: Jeep Patriot
Hobbies: Horses, grandkids, building Atlas Pet Rescue
Dream vacation: Scotland
Like most about Maricopa: The people. I am always chatting with people in line, etc., and they always chat back… even found a new friend that way.
Like least about Maricopa: The lack of resources. The last thing we need is another fast food place.

Favorite …
Charity: Arizona Humane Society and of course, Atlas Pet Rescue
Book: “House of Thunder,” by Dean Koontz
Movie: 50 first dates
Actor: Sandra Bulock, Sean Connery
Food: Chinese, Mexican, and steak and pasta
Drink: I am a whiskey girl, but not too often
Meal: Chicken Fetucini
Restaurant: Sunrise Cafe
Website: www.atlaspetrescue.org
Quote: We can’t save the world by ourselves, but together we can change the world for pets.
Words to live by: It is better to ask forgivness than permission.
Anything else we should know? Though I have held many different types of jobs, none is more rewarding the helping pets and helping people with their pets.


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