Ted Gremmel

Ted Gremmel is a Republican candidate for Pinal County Treasurer who has worked for the sheriff’s office and the county attorney’s office. He is in a primary race agains Michael McCord.

Name: Ted Gremmel
Age: 49 yrs
Residence: Florence
How long in Pinal County: I began working for Pinal County in 1994, and have resided in Pinal County for more than 5 years.
Family: Wife Kelly Gremmel, and daughter Alexandria Gremmel
Education: Mesa Community College and University of Phoenix; United States Navy Radioman School; National Curriculum Training Institute – Cognitive Facilitator Instructor Training; Arizona Supreme Court – Faculty Skills Development Training; Arizona Supreme Court – Intensive Probation Supervision Academy; and Arizona Supreme Court – Firearms Instructor Training.
Professional background: U.S. Navy Veteran; Retired Surveillance Officer – Pinal County Adult Probation; Diversion Officer and Veteran’s Coordinator – Pinal County Attorney’s Office; Impound Hearing Officer – Pinal County Sheriff’s Office; Business Owner; Property and Tax-Lien Investor; Licensed Real Estate Agent.
Political background: Republican
Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, camping, watching football, and playing golf

Why do you want to be Pinal County Treasurer: As a public servant for more than 27 years I love serving my community and want to continue serving as your next treasurer.  As a Navy Veteran and Retired Officer from Pinal County, I offer a proven track record of integrity which is a critical attribute for the county treasurer.

How are you qualified to be Pinal County Treasurer: Three reasons, first – I’m a specialist in Property Tax Liens which is one of the primary responsibilities of the treasurer. Secondly, as a successful business owner and investor, I bring my financial experience and expertise. Third, having worked for Pinal County for over 21 years, I know the county well.

What are the top 2 problems that face the County Treasurer’s Office, and how will you approach those problems:  Having been associated with Pinal County Government for so many years, I believe the Pinal County Treasurer’s Office has been running efficiently under the direction of our current treasurer, Dodie Doolittle. However, Ms. Doolittle is retiring at the end of this year.

With that being said, I believe the next county treasurer should not hastily implement drastic changes to an office that has been financially sound and has functioned efficiently for so many years. My approach is a simple one, once in office, I will assess all functions of the Treasurer’s Office from the bottom to the top. Then, and only then, will I carefully implement changes I believe to be in the best interest of the citizens of Pinal County.  Additionally, as a property owner, I am alarmed about the recent property tax increase. While the responsibility for setting these tax rates belong to the Board of Supervisors, I will use my position to strongly advocate for reducing the County budget and reducing our taxes. I will make two recommendations: first, to consolidate some sections of the County where we are over staffed and second, to outsource areas of government where it is cost effective to do so.



  1. Ted has, at 49, held more jobs than there are people in Maricopa, and they all seem to be govt. positions of some sort with Pinal County. This leads one to question who is it that he knows and is obviously friends with in Pinal County? And his financial background is as a professional tax lien and real estate investor. Really? Think that maybe this guy is seeking a better "in" for his tax lien investment opportunities? Sorry but I don't trust anyone who 1) has never actually held a job outside of feeding at the trough of taxpayer funded political positions and 2) I would never trust a so-called self proclaimed investor with the my money, let alone give him access to every tax lien that pops up within the county. This is what many politicians do… use their inside knowledge to enrich themselves. I envision Ted setting up his own "investment company" under another name that then acquires tax liens and real estate. There was a former Senator DiConcini who did this, and enriched himself, family and friends through insider real estate deals. I would not trust Ted.

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