Pinal County Sheriff's Office brought a helicopter to Kids Day Maricopa last year.

Thousands of families and Maricopa residents filled the gymnasium and event areas around Maricopa Wells Middle School Saturday afternoon for Kids day.

The event featured Maricopa Police Department, Maricopa Fire Department, Arizona Department of Public Safety, Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, Pinal County Attorney’s Office and many local business demonstrating safety procedures and providing games and prizes for the children to win.

“It’s important because it helps us address a need,”11-year-old Boy Scout Rovic Ivins said. “It’s also fun. I’ve done the race track and shown people how to do it, and I’ve been going to the festival and [winning] stuff.”

Participants were able to climb inside a PCSO helicopter and an MFD fire engine and jump through bouncy castles or race remote control trucks.

Tables were set up inside the Maricopa Wells gym for each organization to set up information booths and games. Demonstrations for proper child seat safety were available at the DPS table, and camping tips were from the U.S. Forest Service.

Members of the local government were also in attendance. Maricopa Mayor Christian Price brought his family to the event, and City Council member Peggy Chapados came as well. Maricopa/Stanfield Justice of the Peace Lyle Riggs manned a booth promoting safe driving.

“Over the last year there have been several instances unfortunately where kids have been  injured in car accidents,” Riggs said. “One of the most common factors in those injuries is driving too fast and otherwise being unsafe… I’m grateful for the opportunity I have to serve in the community as a judge, and one of my goals as a judge is to help promote safety for the community and kids in particular.”

Raffles were awarded throughout the event as well, and participants who purchased a raffle ticket were also able to enjoy a hot dog. Members of Maricopa’s Rotary Club, as well as Maricopa High School students helped serve the hungry crowd.

The event is meant to bring the community together while also promoting safety for children and members of the community. For the thousands of families and children that came out, the event provided a fun atmosphere while still providing important information for the community.



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