Do you have a nodding interest in what’s happening in real estate in Maricopa these days?

Thought so. Given the volatile nature of housing prices in Maricopa these days, it’s a topic on most everyone’s chat list. What’s happening to the value of homes in Maricopa? When is the market here likely to turn? What’s different about the Maricopa housing market compared to the Valley? What does the downturn in home sales mean for Maricopa’s growth rate?

We hear all those questions on the Open Forum and all around town. Real estate is real in Maricopa. That’s why we are going to be devoting a section to it in our redesigned Web site.

One thing we will be looking for from those of you who are interested in this subject are questions and comment. As you wonder about those real estate questions above and others, bang out an email to us (send it to We’ll run your question and others by local realtors and other experts and post their commentary and answers (which could vary).

We’ll also provide updates on home sales, prices and other aspects of the changing real estate market in Maricopa.

Look for the Real Estate section in beginning next week


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