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By Adam Wolfe

July in Maricopa is typically a grind for local Realtors, but positive buying trends have made this summer easier to bear.

There are always a handful of families relocating to the area or visitors getting an early start on setting up winter retreats, but often July is too soon for snowbirds and too late for families. The extreme heat also acts as a deterrent.

“In general, it was a pretty good July,” HomeSmart Success owner Dayv Morgan said. “Compared to last year, we stayed stronger. There were fewer houses available, but things still moved quickly.”

Another Realtor believes permanency may be on the rise.

“The market seems to be changing for the better,” said Terry Sperry of Coldwell Banker. “Often, my clients are relocating or coming for the winter. However, I’m seeing more people retiring or moving their family here than setting up temporary homes for the winter.”

This translates to more family-sized homes sold over small, temporary residences, Sperry said. Having an increased number of permanent residents can help stimulate the economy and provide consistency for the city of Maricopa as it grows.

“We aren’t in a multi-bid situation yet, but the offers are coming in closer to the asking price,” Morgan said.

According to Cromford Associates, a real estate market index for the Phoenix area, the per-square-foot value of Maricopa homes has risen 4.3 percent compared to last year.

The August market,  however, has challenges.

“The end of July into August seems to be a slower time of the year,” Sperry said. “People are getting back to school, and winter visitors haven’t started looking yet. It’s also hot, so that can be a deterrent as well. But if people are looking at this time of year, they’re often serious about buying.”

Sperry believes the upcoming months will continue positively for Maricopa real estate. The cost to get a home in the city is much lower than other parts of the Phoenix area, Sperry said, providing incentive for prospective buyers.



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