Chris Dunham (left) and John Morgan

Marc David Montgomery and the Home Bargain Planet team have been bought out by Keller Williams Luxury Group and will help to spearhead The Real Estate Guy and Associates segment directed by top selling agent Chris Dunham.

John Morgan, CEO of Luxury Group, says it was a victory for his two offices located in Tempe and Gilbert: “Let the invasion begin! Landing this team we felt was of vital importance as our group markets luxury homes all over the valley, and Maricopa is a great place for that. Province and some of those big marvelous golf lot homes in Rancho El Dorado are great targets for our unique brand to market. Since Chris Dunham is all over the valley and is lead generating machine in and of himself, for just attracting buyers of every price point, we are very lucky to have him and Mr. Montgomery.”

Dunham and Montgomery worked together for three years at John Hall and Associates mostly during the real estate crash selling and procuring HUD Homes. As they sold home price points which stayed under the crashing market, their work not only paid off in the amount of deals they were producing together, but is also now being paid off by the vision they developed of opening their own company together in the future.

“I am a one man show, gunslinger of the home purchase, if you will,” Dunham said. “But I am getting older and the knees are maybe weaker, so I just saw that it was the right time with my boy Marc to make this happen. I think we’re going to do a good job together and make a revolutionary impact on the real estate market, not only in Maricopa but pretty much all over the state.”

“I have not regretted any decision I have made since coming back to America in 2005. Not one.” Montgomery said. “I appreciate every Realtor and team I have ever worked with and trained under. I specifically would like to show my gratitude to Dayv Morgan and Pete Marion of Homesmart Success. I love those guys!”

After several weeks of negotiations with the many different brokerages for their business, Dunham and Montgomery chose Keller Williams Luxury Group. They felt the decision was very difficult so they basically deferred to their wives to help make the final decision. Carey Han is also joining the team.


This article appears in part in the September issue of InMaricopa.


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