By John Anderson

I am writing to you with a grave concern for our veterans here in Maricopa. There is a company called Alliance Fiduciary, out of Phoenix, that has been allegedly scamming money off one of our local Korean War vets.

My concern is that there may be more veterans in our town dealing with this company being taken advantage of in the same fashion. Bills not being paid, collection letters coming to the veteran in the veteran’s name, not sending the veteran their funds until the middle of the month are just a few examples of what is happening to this one veteran.

I am asking if there are ANY veterans in Maricopa dealing with this company and having issues, that they contact me at 480-434-7377. If you get my answering machine please leave me a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

John Anderson is the service officer for American Legion Post 133 in Maricopa.


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