Barry Goldman

By Barry R. Goldman


Like the ‘60’s mantra, “Question Authority”, I regularly do.

The Constable is the second elected official in the Justice Court. The public needs to have
confidence in that person. They have to have trust in his competence and honesty. Like the
Justice of the Peace, the Constable requires integrity and good moral character. That’s what I
find in Bill Griffin.

I was interested to see this past weekend’s forum event at Maricopa High School. Sitting on the
sidelines, I watched and listened as the three Constable candidates (two for the Republican
nomination) answered questions. Interesting to note, the one member from the audience who
notably was chosen to stand up and ask questions is the ardent supporter and endorser of the
candidate I find totally unqualified to be Constable.

His candidate provided what was obviously a well-rehearsed answer.

Trust placed in our elected officials is a curious business, especially during a campaign season.
People who want to come into office, endorsed by political insiders, incumbents and other
candidates who themselves leave much to be desired are the most dubious in my opinion. I
question the motives of politicians who have nothing to offer and do nothing in office, but got
there because of their name (“Oh, look, that street is the same name as ours, Honey!”). I
question endorsements that are done in exchange for political patronage, rather than on
qualifications and a desire for the public good.

Like I said, I question authority.

If I put something in writing, I do so because it is truly what I believe. A candidate who gets an
endorsement because he worked on another’s campaign or is friends with a political insider,
rather than on his own merits is not a candidate I would trust.

When I find a candidate who is truly honest, wants to serve the public and has the morals and
integrity to go along with the job, I will support him or her.

My support for Bill Griffin is based on those findings. Bill Griffin is a man who has earned my
trust. The Constable is the second elected official in the Justice Court. That’s a position of trust.
Griffin is the only Republican candidate who has the moral integrity and experience to be our
next Constable, and bring honesty and trust back to the Maricopa/Stanfield Constable’s office.
He’s earned my vote. I hope he has yours.



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