Dear Editor,

Leon Potter

I am an owner of a local business home based in the City of Maricopa. My business is a member of the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce. Today, via press release, I found out that the Chamber made decisions at an unscheduled, previously unannounced special meeting. While this may have changed, the Bylaws used to state that a special meeting of the Board of Directors had to be announced seven (7) days prior to the meeting. As a member, I am troubled to find out about the meeting through a press release after the fact.

The second point of concern was a statement in the press release that the Board is seeking (potential) directors from specific industries, as determined by the Board, to fill NOT YET created positions. While I can understand the Board of Directors seeking assistance in navigating through these challenging times, I think a better way is to create committees with Chamber members with the expertise the Board seeks. Those members willing to apply will have a desire for the Chamber to meet its goals.

Two important benefits of being a Chamber member are running as a candidate and voting for candidates to represent the membership. I believe potential candidates should come from an open field of Chamber members (from any industry) that choose to run for the board; not decided solely by the seven (7) members of the Chamber that happen to sit on the Board right now.

Leon Potter



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