Sen. Steve Smith

By Sen. Steve Smith

Now that the 2018 Legislative Session has begun, as I do each year I want to provide you ways on how to be involved with what is happening at the Capitol.

First though, let me start by saying what an honor it is to continue to serve our District in the Senate, I am truly humbled and honored and will continue to work as hard as I can for “We the People.”

That being said, I often would hear from constituents that they did not know what or when legislation was being considered, so when I was first elected I started a weekly newsletter that details every Senate committee meeting along with what bills are scheduled to be heard in those committees that particular week.

This newsletter of course allows you to be plugged in to what is happening so that you will be able to comment, come to the Capitol to speak, or be involved any way to allow your voice to be heard on your support or opposition of legislation BEFORE it has been considered or voted on.

Far too often I would hear from constituents that had they known a certain bill was being considered they would have weighed in on it, so this has been a way to do just that and allow more participation in the legislative process.  If you would like to receive these updates, simply call my office at 602-926-5685 or email me at and request to be added.

Additionally, please contact me to share any ideas you may have for future legislation (many of my bills that that the Governor signed last year were constituent driven) so I can’t tell you how vital your feedback is.  You don’t need to be a lobbyist or an ‘insider’, you can simply contact me directly.

Finally, if you or a group/organization would ever like to spend time at the Capitol for a tour or to watch the process, contact me and I would be happy to arrange it.

Remember, you’re my boss, I work for you, so please take advantage of these opportunities to get involved to help make continue to make Arizona great.

God bless!

Steve Smith, a Republican, is the Arizona state senator representing District 11 and a resident of Maricopa.


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