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By Julia Gusse

Julia Gusse (submitted photo)

With the passing of Sen. John McCain, many were reminded of his service to our country in both the military and the Senate.  Many of us appreciate the passion he had for assuring our service men and women did not go without.  He looked out for his brothers and sisters in uniform during his time in captivity until the days and weeks prior to his passing.  Regardless of how you felt about his politics, in my opinion, Sen. McCain was always watching out for us (active duty and military veterans).  There are organizations set up to “watch out” for veterans but getting this information to those in need doesn’t come easy.  

For the most part, our military veterans aren’t looking for a handout. As a matter of fact, the majority of our veterans don’t know about the services nor do they seek the services that are readily available to them. It is only when they are in desperate need that they start reaching out and even then, our typical vet will work the situation out and struggle before asking for help.  Asking for help does not come easy for our vets but what if our entire Maricopa community was aware of services and “watched out” for them, the same way they “watched out” for us/our country?

This year Maricopa will plan many informational events, including a veterans suicide prevention workshop, please stay informed.  Maricopa Veterans Organizations, led by the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 133, will also hold its second annual Maricopa Veterans Day Parade.  A perfect way to get involved and “watch out” for our vets is by participating. It is only an hour or two of your time with a lifetime of rewards to our veterans.  The parade will be held on Nov. 10.
 To participate or for more information, please email

Julia Gusse is a member of the Maricopa City Council.


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