Peg Chapados

By Peg Chapados

I am writing this in support of Councilmember Henry Wade and ask that you vote for him to remain on Maricopa City Council.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Wade since 2008 when we met as attendees of the first Maricopa Citizens Leadership Academy. I have worked with him on multiple projects and programs and have served with him since 2014 on City Council.

Currently, Henry and I serve as Council liaisons to the Planning & Zoning Commission and Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee. I have also had the privilege of attending and/or working with him on his innovative Councilmember on the Corner quarterly presentations, along with numerous other community events.

I have come to know and appreciate Henry’s passion and commitment to Maricopa. Whatever the program or activity, Henry and his family are there, serving as examples of involved, caring residents. Henry’s interests are broad and serve as a great complement to those of the entire Council. He is someone who loves Maricopa, and it shows.

Henry’s dedication is evident in how he approaches, researches and deliberates the myriad issues brought before City Council. He is passionate about youth, veterans, education, culture and heritage. His perspective embraces diversity and his focus and decisions strive to always reflect what is in the best interests of Maricopa.

We have 7 candidates for Maricopa City Council and one write-in candidate. While each brings talents and experiences to the table, there are only three available seats. The choice of who will serve is in your hands.

I urge you to attend the upcoming candidate forums. Learn as much as you can about each candidate. Reach out to all of them and ask not only what they stand for but what they will do to keep Maricopa moving forward. Find out first-hand the level of commitment each is prepared to make. Be certain they understand the job they are campaigning for. By giving them your vote, you are giving them your voice.

I can say without reservation that Henry Wade is a great City Council member. He understands the role of councilmember and he works hard at it. As a retired U.S. Air Force veteran, Henry is “front and center” whenever and wherever needed because he chooses to be. He has a loving and supportive family who are often right there with him. He knows that serving often means sacrificing, because if you’re at a meeting or an event, you’re not home having dinner with family. That’s a choice Henry makes time and time again. He is an excellent example of “service before self,” and I am proud to call him my friend and colleague.

When it comes to experience, commitment and knowledge, Henry Wade is a proven community leader and councilmember.  I ask you to join me and vote for Henry Wade for City Council. Thank you.

Peg Chapados is vice mayor of Maricopa.