Henry Wade

By Henry Wade

Hello Maricopa family, it has been some time since I penned a letter to the editor, primarily because there are times when my message is misconstrued or taken out of context. However, on this subject, I want to make myself perfectly clear. We do not need our children put in danger on a daily basis on their rides to and from school.

On this issue, there is absolutely no room for error. Why would we even think about exposing our most precious assets to faulty vehicles or drivers under the influence of anything? I am sure that no parent, in my case grandparent, sends their child off to school saying I hope your bus is OK or maybe, you are finally big enough to get that seat this time.

So, let me be direct. If by the investigation, which I am very hopeful is already underway, it is discovered that our school transportation system is inferior at best and dangerous at the worst, I am prayerful that there will be an immediate move toward fixing the problem. If not, I want to stand in line with the parents asking WHY NOT! Additionally, if drivers, mechanics and support personnel are complaining and/or pointing out the fact that we have problems then DANG IT, FIX IT and fix it now!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Maricopa vent.

Henry Wade is a Maricopa City Councilmember.


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