By Joyce Boyd

Due to the deadly accident yesterday (Oct. 18), again 347 was shut down. I live in Maricopa city, and this is the third 347 shutdown I have experienced (trying to get home.) My question is: When 347 is shut down due to deadly accidents, why aren’t policemen or traffic control people dispatched to the high-traffic diverted areas?

We waited two hours on Casa Blanca Road trying to get on 347. The reason it was a two or more hours wait time…. the signal light at 347 and Casa Blanca Road. If a traffic control person was there to direct traffic or change the timing on the signal light it would have eliminated at least half of the traffic.

While sitting in line on Casa Blanca Road, I thought about the parents trying to get to their kids in preschool and day care. How frightening.

My prayers goes out for the families whose love ones involved in the accident.

Joyce Boyd is a resident of Maricopa.


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