Rich Vitiello. (Submitted photo)

By Rich Vitiello

Hello, Maricopa. I’m Rich Vitiello and in the running to be your next city council member. You may have seen me standing on the side of the 347 in the morning rush waving you a good day. It’s important that people get to see the face behind the name.

My wife and I have made Maricopa our home since moving here almost 13 years ago from back east. We’ve raised four daughters and have eight grandchildren, four of whom attend our local schools. We love this city.

I’m running for city council because I love this city and the people in this community. Maricopa continues to experience growth and with growth opportunities arise. I contribute to maintain the quality of values that this city instills by volunteering with the police, food bank and women’s shelter, as well as having coached the girls’ JV softball team in 2014-2015 school year. I also organized several fund raisers for Maricopa residents in hardship.

I sat on the city’s Board of Adjustments, appointed by council member Henry Wade. I’ve met and gotten to know all our city council members and the mayor. With 27 years of international business experience, I learned the key to solving issues is to listen to people. The same also applies in government.

That’s why you’ll see me standing on the 347 waving you a good morning. I want you to get to know me. Please say “Hi” when you see me in the grocery store or somewhere here in town, or feel free to call me on my cell phone at 480-358-8051 any time.

I’ve gotten to know many Maricopa residents by being open, honest and listening and learning. Ask questions. Get to know me. Your needs are important. My desire to be on the city council is to give a voice to your concerns.

I’ve worked hard for my family. Let me work hard for you. Let me be your voice on city council.

Rich Vitiello is a Maricopa resident.


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