By Vincent Manfredi

Vincent Manfredi


I want to thank you for voting; especially to those who put their faith in me and gave me their vote. Without your commitment, volunteerism, and donations none of this would have been possible.

I continue to be humbled by the fact you continue to choose me to serve as your councilmember. My goal will be to continue my quest to produce a balanced budget and being fiscally conservative. I will continue to be there as a volunteer – alongside you – and work diligently to keep Maricopa a wonderful place to live and play.

Although my parents are no longer with us I know they are watching over my family and are proud. My father always taught me to reach for more than others expect of you – and if you fail it’s OK – if you did your best. My mother would be especially proud as she was extremely civic minded and urged her children to get involved.

I want to thank Bret Roberts, Christian Price, Tony Smith, Steve Smith, Ed Michaels, Michael Feigenbaum, Nancy Smith, Glenn Morrison, Vince Leach, Mark Finchem, Scott Bartle and everyone else that put forth the effort to help me achieve this goal. There are so many names I could go on for hours, so please do not feel slighted if you were not mentioned by name! I also want to thank Paige Richie, Leon Potter, Cynthia Morgan, Linette Caroselli, Bob Marsh (vote for BOB), Rich Vittielo and of course Henry Wade. Each of you deserve the thanks and respect of us all. Running for election is not an easy task and you all put forward your names, took time away from friends and family and gave everything you could.  

I have saved my biggest thank you for my wonderful wife Christina and three daughters; Bianca, Daisy and Amelia. The four of you are my foundation and give me the inspiration to push forward, even when it would be easy to give up. You have given me a reason to smile and truly enjoy my life – for that I will be eternally grateful.

Thank you.

Vincent Manfredi was re-elected to Maricopa City Council in the Primary Election. He is a minority owner of InMaricopa.


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