Perry T. Taylor is accused of grappling with an MPD officer. (PCSO photo)

A Maricopa Police Officer was released from a Chandler hospital after sustaining minor injuries during a physical altercation which took place while conducting a traffic stop Oct. 21.

Officer John Soanes initiated a stop at around 6 a.m. on a vehicle that he had seen allegedly driving recklessly down John Wayne Parkway. After following for a short time the vehicle came to a stop in the QT parking lot at Edison Road, where the driver then exited the vehicle and began to engage in a verbal confrontation with Soanes, according to the MPD report.

The driver, a Maricopa man now identified as Perry T. Taylor, refused to provide the officer with identification, and when Soanes attempted to detain Taylor until positive identification could be made Taylor became combative and a struggle ensued, the report stated.

Officer Soanes’s glasses were broken, and he sustained minor injuries during the confrontation but in the end was able to subdue Taylor. Soanes’ injuries were treated at a Chandler hospital, and he was released later that day.

Taylor was arrested and initially charged with five different crimes, including aggravated assault on a peace officer, dangerous driving, criminal damage, failure to identify and failure to comply.

The official complaint from the County Attorney’s Office charges Taylor with assaulting Soanes, a Class 5 felony, criminal damage and failure to comply with a police officer, both Class 2 felonies.




  1. So I wake up this morning, finally a weekend day off with my family…, and I can’t help but feel sad, angry, outraged and confused at this country and how it perpetuates a Police State against its own innocent citizens. I look at my babies faces and feel like there’s nothing more I’d rather have branded in my memory than their smiling faces. For those that don’t know why I go on rants about police brutality, let me bring it together for you as it pertains to me in particular. Last October 21 2016, I had my two and three yr old children with me on the way to daycare and a doctor appointment. As I pull into a gas station to get gas, I’m met at the rear of my vehicle by a bully, over reacting police officer who demanded my information. Since I’m an informed law abiding citizen, I know that I don’t have to hand my information over until they disclose why they are requesting it. After refusing to tell me why he wanted my information, I asked for his supervisor. That’s what provoked John Soanes to attack and assault mevas seen on the QT video. I was thrown against a bystanders truck twice. I screamed for help which fell on deaf ears. We ended up back at his car where at this point, I gathered that he wasn’t getting his supervisor and begged to just give me his ticket he so maliciously felt he had to write. By this time, he finally turns his body cam on and you see him grabbing me by my neck and choking me to the ground, once again, unprovoked. I had many thoughts cross my mind, and the one I remember the most was that I was going to die by him choking me to death while my 2 and 3 year olds were in the back of my car not knowing at all what was going on with their daddy. When Jennifer Alsidez shows up, she actually already had her body cam on and her video catches John Soanes choking me to death. During the trial, John Soanes, Jennifer Alsidez and Mr Lochner (another responding officer) all denied choking me when it was clear on the video. All officers admit that when they turn their body cam is activated, it goes back 30 seconds but without audio. If John Soanes claims I “rolled a stop sign and drove erratically”, why didn’t he turn his cam on in the safety of his enclosed vehicle while driving to prove his allegation? Why is there no dash cam?! Maricopa PD is not to be trusted and they have left me and my family to live in fear in my own home. They routinely follow me and have since pulled me over again and I had to hire another lawyer to handle that as well. Maricopa PD are lying phonies operating under color of public safety by extorting is for money to keep their pensions funded and for a paycheck. It’s very sad when you are supposed to trust an officer, but they are trained to not trust you. All over me knowing my rights and asking for a supervisor. I’ve asked before in the past and they have been called. John Soanes, Jennifer Alsidez and Mr Lochner have no business calling themselves “peace officers” when they harass us and lie about it on the stand.

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