More than a 100 math students from Maricopa High School competed at the Central Arizona College Math Competition. Submitted photo

On April 10, Maricopa High School mathematics teachers Grant Hanks, Jerri Early, Morgan Dalton, Rebecca Walker and Chris Ansley took 110 students to the Central Arizona College Math Competition at the Signal Peak Campus.

The students did a fantastic job and represented Maricopa High School well. Maricopa High School won first place in the School Sweepstakes, and 55 students qualified for the individual competition. MHS students won the following individual awards:

• Sharoon Balaguer Portillo and Alize Ramos won the Level 1 Team Competition (Algebra 1)

• Noel Avendanio and Patrick Flint won the Level 2 Team Competition (Geometry & Algebra 2)

• Chandler Chang placed 2nd in the individual competition

• Carter Paine placed 3rd in the individual competition

• Conner Paine place 4th in the individual competition



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