Former Maricopa High School Principal Renita Myers

A high school principal is on a leave of absence this week.

Maricopa High School Principal Renita Myers began the leave Sept. 25, said Tom Beckett, human resources director for the Maricopa Unified School District. The reason behind the leave remains private.

Becket said MHS Assistant Principal Heidi Vratil is stepping in for Myers as acting principal, adding, “at this time that is all that can be said.”

Myers came to the district in 2006 and worked a variety of teaching and administrative positions at the high school. According to her biography posted online, Myers eventually worked her way up as principal at Desert Wind Middle School during the 2014-15 school year.

Myers became principal last year at MHS after switching positions and schools with June Celaya.

Recent administrative changes are not new to the high school.

Earlier this school year, the district transferred MHS Assistant Principal Mallory Miller to Maricopa Wells Middle School after having recently relocated her from a position at DWMS.

The transfer caused a strong parent reaction on social media and at the district’s board meeting because the district chose to swap Mallory Miller with MWMS Assistant Principal Thad Miller, no relation, at the high school.

Superintendent Steve Chestnut said previously the move was made “in the best interest of MUSD,” but could not clarify the reasons why.

In mid-September Thad Miller temporarily returned to the middle school for a week to fill the shoes of Principal Rick Abel, who returned from administrative leave on Sept. 22.

The length of Myers’ leave is unknown but is expected to last through the week.


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