Maricopa skies are expected cloud up this week. Photo by Mason Callejas

Warmer temperatures early this week are likely to give way to cooler breezy skies after a brief midweek shower according to the National Weather Service.

Monday is likely to be warm with a high around 93 during the day and a low of 57 at night as the winds pick up to around 15 mph.

Tuesday should be clear and calm with a daytime high around 88, cooling down to a low of around 60 at night as a few clouds roll in.

Wednesday is likely to be cloudy with a high around 82 during the day and a low near 55 at night. A 10 percent chance of rain starting late in the morning should increase to around 60 percent in the evening, and a light breeze of around 15 mph will increase throughout the day gusting up to 25 mph at night.

Thursday should be sunny but cool and windy with a 10 percent chance of rain, a high around 72 during the day and a low of 48 at night, with steady winds blowing at 15 mph and gusting up to 25.

Friday will likely also be sunny and cool but calm with a high around 79 during the day and a low of 52 at night.


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