Piccola Barca was among the winning cities at DWMS in the Future City challenge.

Maricopa Unified School District’s middle schools are sending eight teams each to the Future City competition at Arizona State University on Jan. 28.

Desert Wind Middle School teams competed Tuesday night for the coveted spots.

Maricopa Wells students competed Wednesday.

“At Desert Wind, we had a total of 21 cities compete from the blended learning program,” teacher Shannon Hull said. “It was a wonderful night where the students were able to showcase all of their hard work and talent in front of friends, family, peers, teachers and district representatives.”

This year’s National Future City Competition theme is “The Power of Public Space.” The competition consists of playing a Sims City game, writing an essay, creating a project plan, building a model and then an interactive presentation. All aspects are scored and the top eight teams from each middle school win the right to advance to the competition at ASU.

“Maricopa Wells had a total of 26 teams complete the project and compete at the school competition,” Robyn Rice, Maricopa Wells Blended Learning teacher said.”We are proud of all of the students who competed, and wish these finalists good luck at the Arizona Future City competition.”

Winners at the ASU competition advance to nationals.

Desert Wind MS Teams and Students
*  La Perla Rendocida – Kendahl Belmore, Janie Pyle, Kylie Myers, Nathan Shearer, and Ryan Nguyen
*  Piccola Barca – Matt Coles, Genesis Uriarte-Sandoval, Sydney Anderson, Kaden McKenzie, and Emily Nguyen
*  Cidade Fe – Jailynn Cannon, Jarom Hoopes, Grace Huffaker, Makayla Thacker, and Matt Roman
*  Valve City – Cayden Buck, Gael Garcia, Andrew Dinh, and Christian Hintz
*  Mirny – Logen Thomas, Gavin Correa, Deborah Stenzel, Baily Martinez, and Mack Beach
*  Jakarta – Kian Pack, Jaden Pyle, Isabella Ebner, Emmy Balgaard, and Blake Fullmer
*  New Pyongyang – Airen Fortunato, Christian Roman, Noah Coutre, Elizabeth Barba, and Kevin Murdock
*  Soleado Zona – Brian Petersheim, Matt Blodgett, AJ Whitley, Catalina Springstroh, and Sapphira Reyes

Maricopa Wells MS Teams and Students
*  Akbar – Cipriano Childers, Ronel Jean, Hunter Collins, Dimitri Freeman, Bradley Childers
*  Guayaguayare – John Jackson, Thomas Abel, Brody Coatney, Madilyn Homan, Hunter Taylo, Jesus Orci Vega
*  Liyong Kongjian – Rori Gosiak, Elena Antunez, Bailey Rigby, Dylan Hahn James Couts, Gerald Hahn
*  Novara – Joseph Abel, Joshua Kulinowski, Rylee Tarcola, Taryn Meyers, Savannah Wade, Rocky Tarcola
*  Purnea – Megan Hahn, Anabelle Dayley, Erin Hildick, Nicholas Perez, Shyanne Price, Damon Hahn
*  Schone Stadt – Morgan Witte, Victoria Richardson, Brenna Fitzpatrick, Charlee Hyde, Robert Hahn, Damon Hahn
*  Sura – Emma Schrader, Alyson Bowen, Zeah Zimpleman, Kaden Rogers, Arianna Vargas, Lyle Bowen
*  Tiago – Maverick Miller, Joseline Nowell, Alondra Garfias, Alexander Grace, Trenton Redwanc, Ronald Miller


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