Domestic violence is a focal point for the Maricopa Police Department.

One of the Maricopa Police Department’s focuses is to limit and prevent domestic violence.

According to MPD Sgt. Leonard Perez, the department tries to prevent domestic violence before it occurs, but also holds violators accountable when it happens.

“We have to address the underlining problem because you can’t arrest away your problems,” Perez said. “We like to address prevention before it happens, and we like to focus on domestic violence.”

Over the last week, three Maricopa residents were arrested for domestic violence incidents.

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Jonah Walker and Misty Rivers were arrested for a domestic altercation. According to the police report, the couple began a verbal argument when Rivers became upset with Walker, and the dispute resulted in both parties receiving minor injuries.

According to the police report, “After making contact with both Jonah and Misty it was discovered Misty was the primary aggressor in the situation by escalating the verbal argument into a physical assault leaving scratch marks on (Walker’s) face. Misty had red marks and scratches on her face along with a bloody nose.”

Walker reportedly hit Rivers with an open hand out of self defense. Rivers then fled to a neighbor’s house, and both individuals were arrested near their home on Sheridan Road.

Walker was accused of assault per domestic violence for “going beyond the point of self-defense,” and Rivers was accused of assault per domestic violence for being the “primary aggressor.”

On Thursday, Jan. 28, MPD officers responded to another domestic violence call. David Haycraft was arrested, accused of aggravated domestic violence and assault after reportedly biting a woman who was trying to have him evicted.

According to the police report, “[The victim] said they began to argue, and the argument became heated and she was pointing her index finger at David as she yelled. She said David lunged at her and tried to bite her finger and when she pulled away, David lunged again and grabbed her and bit her in the face on the left cheek.”

Haycraft reportedly has a history of domestic violence and was booked on aggravated domestic violence and assault.


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