The Maricopa Unified School District has announced plans to introduce several new Web pages aimed at providing information on volunteering and has adopted a set of rules governing their recruitment.

The Web pages are expected to launch by July 1, and were developed by the volunteer director for the district, Margaret Jackson, and Gehrig Stone-Awong.

These pages will provide parents with information regarding the types of volunteers needed at each school and provide online applications to fill those volunteer positions.

“This is the piece of communications that is missing between the district and its parents,” said MUSD Governing Board President Shannon Amos.

Besides giving information on available volunteer opportunities, the Web site outlines the expectations of volunteers in each school, provides links to school Web sites and acts as a general information source for parents.

“Many parents who volunteer in the schools are unaware of the expectations placed on them; this will let them know what those expectations are,” Jackson said.

This Web portal will branch off the existing site at

“This is something we have needed in the school for a long time,” said Tracy Davis, a member of the governing board.

The MUSD governing board voted on Wednesday to adopt a set of polices regarding those who do volunteer.

“Volunteers are an integral part of our educational system, who free up time for teachers and enrich the learning experience of students,” said John Flores, the superintendent for the district.

These new rules and regulations state what volunteers in the school may be used for, set screening procedures, provide training guidelines, describe supervision requirements and touch on the subject of student confidentiality.

One of the requirements set forth for volunteers in the policy is that if they are not a parent of an enrolled student they can not volunteer until receiving a finger print clearance card issued by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Also, before a volunteer can work unsupervised, he or she must complete 15 hours of service under certified supervision.

“These policies will ensure we have the best volunteers,” Flores said.

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