Maricopa Unified School District maintained its "B" grade from the Arizona Department of Education. Individual MUSD schools receivethe following grades for the 2013-14 school year:

• Maricopa High School: C
• Maricopa Wells Middle School: C
• Desert Wind Middle School: C
• Butterfield Elementary School: B
• Maricopa Elementary: B
• Pima Butte: A
• Saddleback Elementary School: C
• Santa Cruz Elementary: B
• Santa Rosa Elementary School: B

“We were very pleased with the overall growth in the district,” said MUSD Superintendent Steve Chestnut. “We went from a total score of 120 for the district for 2012-13 school year to a score of 127 for the 2013-14 school year.”

“We are also very proud of Pima Butte being given an 'A' grade by the Arizona Department of Education for the fifth straight year,” he said.

“Everyone here at Pima Butte is ecstatic about our fifth consecutive 'A' grade,” Principal Randy Lazar said. “This is a result of a concerted effort by parents, teachers, students, staff and everybody involved with the school.”

Maricopa Elementary and Santa Cruz Elementary moved up a letter grade from last year, going from “C” to “B."  Maricopa High School went down a grade letter, missing its “B” by one point.

“The high school dropped from a score of 120 last year to a score of 119 this year,” Chestnut said. “We are still very proud of the work they are doing and we feel they are progressing.”***ADVERTISEMENT*** 


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